The Iron Rod – A Poem

I’ve been writing the Introduction to my book for the past week or so. I have all but finished it and will move on to working on the chapters I have already written to make sure everything makes sense. I closed the introduction with a poem I wrote today. Here it is.


The Iron Rod


This world is full of ugly things and God will never compromise.

This world binds with chords, not strings and sing sweet lullaby

That by and by lull like creep (sweet carrion)

And drown with stain the stings of death. Continue reading “The Iron Rod – A Poem”

Works in Progress – Poem

I’ve been working on the Preface to my current nonfiction project for the past few writing sessions. I’m considering whether to include this poem in the preface. I am still undecided but leaning towards leaving it out. It’s not done but I’m not going to be working on it for a while. Here it is:


The Glory of God


Is the Sun in the sky without which we all die.

The Son of God. In the beginning.

Raiser of light. Through all. Continue reading “Works in Progress – Poem”

Tend the flowers. Ignore the Weeds.

In my decades long struggle with addiction one of the best pieces of advice I received was from my Bishop. He said, “You’ve got to ignore the weeds and concentrate on the flowers.” This piece of advice was crucial in unlocking the door to long-term sobriety. It didn’t happen immediately but pretty soon I was able to make it to 90 days, then 180, then 360, and beyond. Continue reading “Tend the flowers. Ignore the Weeds.”

Addiction, Privacy, and Church Videos

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to participate in a new project the Church is working on. I was invited to participate in a new addiction recovery video. Last Monday I headed down to the Church Office Building and was interviewed for two hours about my path from addiction to recovery. It was kind of a sacred experience for me. It was rare to sit in such an environment of strangers who offered nothing but love and acceptance as I cracked open my soul. Continue reading “Addiction, Privacy, and Church Videos”